• Caviar Luxury Skincare

CAVIAR: Anti-Aging Deep Facial Peel



ISO Beauty's Age Defying Deep Facial Peel is a unique exfoliating treatment that provides immediacy skincare benefits.
The Caviar Extract helps to invigorate the blood flow while removing dead skin cells that are not necessarily washed away with normal cleansing.
Our scrub diminishes the appearance of fine lines, acne marks, and skin discolorations through the exfoliating action for a refined, revitalized, luminous complexion.

Additional Info: 

Size: 50ML - 1.7FL.oz

How to use: 

Apply a small amount of water and facial peeling cream to the skin.
Gently massage the Age Defying Deep Facial Peel cream allowing the product to exfoliate the skin surface on its own.
Lightly stroke the chin area upward. Continue to gently massage with fingertips in a circular motion on cheek areas.
Use upward strokes from the nose to forehead, moving fingers outward from forehead to temples.
Gently exfoliate for 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and allow skin to dry completely before applying toner and moisturizer.