Diamond Collection Ceramic Hot Roller Set



Reduce the amount of time you spend styling your hair with these easy to use heated clip rollers. The Pearl Heated Clip Setter combines pearl ceramic technology with Ionic conditioning, sealing hair cuticles and reducing static to create long lasting curls. This setter heats up fast and maintains an even heat to create salon quality results.

Additional Info: 


. 10 Soft Rollers 6 small (23mm) 4 medium (28mm) 10 Pearl Ceramic Clips
. Pearl Ceramic Technology
. Simple and fast, the rollers are ready for use in about 90 seconds
. Temperature indicator, the red light becomes green when the rollers are heated and ready for use.

How to use: 

. Secure rollers in your hair by using the Pearl Ceramic Clips
. Keep in for about 5 minutes or until the rollers have cooled enough to handle.