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ISO Ionic Pro Dryer



The IONIC Pro Dryer is a powerful dryer, which dries the hair very quickly. The hair has two blowing speeds and three heat settings. Although the hair dryer has a high blowing force, it makes as little noise as possible. These Dryer have dual voltage, so that the dryer can also be used abroad. In addition, the hair dryer has a removable filter. As a result, dust and lint may be easily removed, thereby maintaining the strength of the air jet.


• 3 Heat Settings (cool, warm, hot)
• 2 Airflow settings (high & Low)
• Cool Shot button for setting the style
• Attractive, Sleek, & Quiet
• Shock Resistant & Slip-Grip Proof
• Removable Lint Filter for easy cleaning and a longer motor life
• 2 Different Sized Detachable Nozzles
• Professional 9’ Cord with cord guard and hanging loop
• Dual Voltage
• ALCI safety Plug
• CETL Approved

USE: Set the ISO IONIC Dryer to the desired airflow speed and temperature. Hold the hair dryer a few inches away from the hair and blow dry the hair thoroughly.

RESULT: The IONIC PRO Dryer dries hair in minutes without damaging.

Additional Info: 


1. Wash hair and blot dry to remove excess moisture.
2. Using the hair dryer along with your styling brush, direct hot air through one section of hair at a time. Direct airflow at hair, not scalp.
3. Concentrator attachment nozzle is designed to dry the hair root, adding volume or spot curl the hair ends using attachment in the same manner.
4. To avoid over drying, do not concentrate on the same section for a long time. Keep dryer airflow moving as you style.
5. For quick tough-ups between washing's, dampen hair and use dryer as indicated above.

DRYER BASICS : To create volume, turn head upside down while drying. position the airflow toward the roots for maximum lift. When hair is dry, toss head back and brush hair into place.
STRAIGHTENING: Work with hair in sections when creating a super straight look. Using a flat brush, hold hair tight in each section as you dry through to the ends.
MAKING WAVES: Tousled, natural-looking waves are easily created by grasping hair and scrunching between fingertips while drying.
STORING: When not in use, your dryer should be unplugged, allowed to cool and stored in a safe, dry location, out of reach of children. Do not wrap line cord around dryer. Allow the cord to hand or lie loose.


• Hair dryer should be in position and unplugged. Insure that plug is away from any water supply
• Wipe outer surface of hair dryer with clean cloth
• Clean dust and lint from air intake openings with small brush.

How to use: 
How to Use the ISO Professional Hair Dryer