• ISO Sonic Makeup Sponge
  • ISO Sonic Makeup Sponge
  • ISO Sonic Makeup Sponge
  • ISO Sonic Makeup Sponge
  • ISO Sonic Makeup Sponge

Sonic Makeup Sponge



This is an amazing and attractive battery powered make-up application sponge that rapidly spreads your foundation all over your face in just minutes. With its high quality, soft and comfortable sponge applicator, you’re sure to be left with a natural, barely there, airbrush look.

The vibrating massage feature helps to improve your skins blood circulation in your cheeks and neck area. The uniquely designed triangular shaped powder puff sponge head is perfect for tracing all the contours of your face and leaving you with a flawless, natural finish.

• Spreads foundation quickly and evenly
• Vibrating massage mode helps accelerate blood circulation and nutrients absorption
• Final result is a flawless finish
• Massages your skin and applies your foundation at the same time

Additional Info: 

1. Wash with clean water if the powder puff is dirty
2. Do not place the machine in humid place to avoid short out

Preservation method: Place the product in cool place. Avoid direct sun light

• Power Supply: DC1.5V
• Current: 0.35A.
• Power: 0.5W
• Product Size: 170 x 45 x 32mm
• Product Weight: 31g

How to use: 

APPLICATION: Apply foundation or moisturizing cream to face and use the electrical make-up angel to even the cream on face and neck!