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It’s Coachella Time!

Three days of non-stop music preformed by some of today’s biggest musical talent, dancing with your best friends, and a sea of fabulous fashion sums up the most popular weekend in all of festival season. 

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Get Bigger, Brighter Eyes

The Holidays are all about looking fab and glam, and no one knows that better than us! Yet, the hustle and bustle, parties, and late nights can wreak havoc on our beauty sleep resulting in a less than glam "tired face."

So, what can you do to battle the sleepy look when you stayed up until 3 a.m. wrapping presents and have to attend a holiday party in t-minus 2 hours?

Try this very easy and simple beauty trick that will make you look cheery and bright with bigger, brighter eyes.

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No Regrets Faux Bob

We've all done it, had that urge for a change, make the first available appointment with our stylist and then wonder how 5 inches of our hair has ended up on the salon floor!

Sometimes this scenario results in a "Why didn't I do this forever ago?" but more often than not we regret our impulsive behavior, and the 2-year process of growing our hair long starts all over.

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3 Classic Holiday Hairstyles

It's that time again, the Holiday countdown has begun, and even more importantly Holiday party season is in full swing!

Next to making sure that you've found just the right dress, deciding on a hairstyle that you know will work come rain or shine can be nearly impossible. So we've come up with 3 classic hairstyles that will help you avoid the "Oh no, my hair isn't cooperating!" moment just before you are set to leave for the party  of the year!

The Chignon