Published: Apr 15 Posted Under: Trends

Rockin' Music Manes for Festivals!

Coachella just passed their first weekend! Let me just say, it was amazing; from the hair trends to the complete look, to dancing our sandals off to some groovy beats! We are so looking forward to this weekend!

However, one thing is a must, when jumping into festival season: staying COOL; while looking HOTT!

Why worry about taming your mane, when festivals are all about letting loose and feeling free!

Don't freak out over spilled beer, sweat, beaming sun rays, dance fever, and lack of showers!

Published: Jan 21 Posted Under: Trends

ISO BREAKDOWN: Our favorite 2013 Hair Trends!

With January coming to a close, there is no denying that 2013 has arrived, and with it: gorgeous, daring new hair trends. Here at ISO, we've narrowed the list down: here are our favorite upcoming hair trends for 2013! We were blown away by runway shots of messy-but-elegant updos, 70's and 90's inspired low ponytails, a definite lean toward classic rock waves, and the return of pretty ombre color!

Check out our favorite trends: