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2014 Beauty Resolutions

We are now over a week into the New Year, and miraculously our resolutions are still in full swing! Here at ISO Beauty, our New Year Resolutions are all about hair (naturally). We'd love for you to join us in achieving healthy, silky, sexy hair in 2014!

1. Hair mask once a week. 

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15 Questions Your Hair Stylist Should Ask You!

Time for A New Stylist? 
Like any new relationship, it requires a fair amount of 'dating' and developing a trust!! 

1. How Often Do You Get Your Hair Done?

2. What Do You Do For a Living?

3. What's Your Personal Style?

4. How Often Do you Wash, Blow Dry, and/or Style Your Hair?

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  Every year once February rolls around we start seeing a lot more PINK.  And we don't mind it at all!