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Easy Comb
Easy Comb
Easy Comb
Easy Comb
Easy Comb
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Easy Comb

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The comb gives you that little something extra you need to get salon quality results at home.

This tool is the perfect companion to your most if not all your styling needs. By using our Easy Comb, you will see your able to accomplish much more with ease. This Easy Comb not only untangles knots but It can be used with any flat iron, as it is heat resistant and prevents static.



  • Straightening: With its function to pick up the hair accurately in straightening progress and clip the hair back and fourth more easily and quickly to accomplish straightening.
  • Coloring: Root Touch up: with its ergonomic design it lifts up the hair and turns it clockwise, preventing the color cream from touching the scalp. 
  • Horizontal Cutting: When cutting a horizontal line, the Easy Comb is rather accurate that using fingers to fix your hair. 
  • Treatment: With water collecting holes on the top and air flow directing alley on its bottom, treatment cream can be spread throughout the hair equally. 
  • Styling a various kinda of hairstyles: It can finish various kinds of hairstyles with thermopower. It can be gripped in vertical real or revers. 
  • Finishing: With easy comb a hair dryer can finish the straightens progress easily, and control the thickness of hair sections with a more natural result.



  1. To Create Straight Hair: Insert the comb into the hair, gently nip, put up the hair, blow with hair dryer and comb the hair, then the natural hairstyle can be completed. 
  2. To Fix Messy Hair: When the tail end of the straight hair is not straight or the hair is messy after sleeping, you can use it to nip the end and blow with the hairdryer to the right direction and make all the hair straight finally. 
  3. Use For Curly Hair: When the tail end of curly hair is evaginable, spray the end with fixature and then use the comb to nip the hair to scroll toward the right direction. It's a good comb to finalize the design of what you like
  4. Use with Flat Iron: sectioned hair in place with comb and glide along with flat iron down length of hair from roots to ends. For optimal results, hold hair as taught as possible while gliding

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