Exchange/Return Policy


Exchanging Product Under Warranty  


ISO Beauty gladly accepts defective products that were purchased from our website. Purchases made from other retailers are subject to their return policies. If you purchased a product through a retailer, please reach out to them for further information and instructions.

We are sorry you are experiencing difficulties with your styling tool. If your products were purchased at an authorized retailer, our lifetime warranty will cover any item, which is defective, broken or which has stopped working properly.  

Before sending in your defective item, please make sure your product has been registered properly for your warranty. Please be sure to download and fill out the form provided below and submit a payment to cover shipping handling of the exchange. 


  • Any product that is sent without a product return form or hasn't been registered will not be accepted and sent back to sender.  
  • If your product was not registered within the first 30 days of purchase there is a $15.00 registration late fee.  


When you ship your product please include:  

  • Defective flat iron, twister, dryer 
  • Product return form fully filled out 
  • A check or money order for shipping & handling made out to ISO Beauty, Inc. If payment was made with a debit/credit card on our website please provide your confirmation number on product return form.  
  • When shipping your product, we suggest using either FedEx, UPS, USPS, or DHL and keep your tracking # to make sure it arrives accordingly.  

Once your iron is received by us, it will be inspected by our Warranty Department. If we determine that your claim is the result of a manufacturer’s defect caused within normal use**, we will replaceyour flat iron, clipless twister and/or dryer and ship a new one back to you. 

If you have any other questions, feel free to email us at: Our office hours are: Monday – Thursday 9am – 5pm and Friday 9am – 4pm PST. 

*If we determine that your warranty claim is NOT the result of a manufacturer’s defect or caused by unintended use, you will NOT be issued a replacement.  

**If your flat iron, twister, and/or dryer qualifies under warranty, it will be replaced by the same size and color. If the same color and size is no longer available, it will be replaced by one of similar size and color and will not be of lesser MSRP value.  


For customers who purchased their ISO Beauty Styling Tools at an Authorized Retailer and are in need of an exchange please contact the place of purchase. Customers also experiencing manufacturing defects will need to return your  ISO Beauty Styling Tools to the place of purchase for further assistance.


Download Product Return Form: HERE 

Register your product: HERE