Perfect Hair Day | Bundle
Perfect Hair Day | Bundle
Perfect Hair Day | Bundle
Perfect Hair Day | Bundle
Acai Moisture Vitality

Perfect Hair Day | Bundle

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Turn your hair struggles into a Perfect Hair Day with this bundle of nourishing acai-infused products. Revitalize dull hair with moisture and vitality, repair damage, protect against breakage, and nourish for healthy, refreshed hair! 

Suitable for all types of hair. 


Cleans by removing dirt from the hair while dissolving it without damaging hair color or keratin treatments. Acai Moisture Vitality Shampoo is composed of natural anti-oxidants and extracts from the Acai super fruit.  It has been formulated to work with the Acai Moisture Vitality Shampoo to achieve maximum results. Sustains the hairs natural beauty and adds shine to your hair.  

Leave on Mask

Advanced formula that delivers unparalleled results for dry, over processed Hair. Acai Moisture Vitality Leave in Mask is an advanced leave on mask made for all hair types.  It is enriched with the anti-oxidants and vitamins derived from the Acai super fruit.  The Leave on Mask sustains both the desired styling and maintains the healthy integrity of the hair.  Some of the benefits include controlling frizz, ongoing moisture, shine and hydration for dry strands of hair.  It can be used multiple times throughout the day and is beneficial for all climates.

Sculpting Lotion

Provides volume and texture with long lasting results. The Acai Beauty Sculpting Lotion is a natural composition of elements extracted from the Acai super fruit.  As a finishing product, it sculpts the composition of the hair just the way you want it to look.  It creates volume and gives the hair a longer lasting hold.

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