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Unfortunately there are unauthorized ISO Beauty, Inc. brand appliances and product being sold on the internet and in unauthorized retail establishments. These unauthorized products may not have originated from ISO Beauty, Inc., and may not be genuine ISO Beauty, Inc. brand products. There maybe unauthorized re-sellers that are selling appliances that bear the ISO Beauty brand names and look very similar to ISO Beauty brand appliances, but they are not genuine ISO Beauty brand appliances. ISO Beauty, Inc. cannot guarantee these products, and can make no claim as to their quality, functionality, performance or efficacy. In order to protect you our customer, to assure the quality of our appliances, to guard against fraud and attempts to pass off lesser quality merchandise under the ISO Beauty brand names and to protect the reputation of the ISO Beauty brands, we are unable to exchange or replace a defective appliance or otherwise honor the one (1) year or lifetime limited warranties for any appliance that is not an authentic ISO Beauty brand appliance. To help assure our customers that the appliance they are buying is an original ISO Beauty appliance, we recommend that our customers only buy ISO Beauty products from trusted retail establishments and ISO Beauty authorized online re-sellers.

The following is a list of some authorized re-sellers:




Another way to identify an ISO Beauty authorized online reseller is to look for the following symbol:

Additionally, by purchasing from authorized resellers consumers protect themselves from the possibility of purchasing diverted products; that is, products that may have originated with ISO Beauty, Inc., but that were diverted from approved retail channels and that are being sold in non-authorized outlets.

The problem with purchasing diverted products is that ISO Beauty, Inc. has no way to guarantee the authenticity of the products, the age of the products, the knowledge of the retailers selling the products, or whether the products have been damaged, altered or refurbished (and are being passed off as new).

By purchasing from authorized re-sellers, consumers are assured that the products they are purchasing are new and authentic ISO Beauty, Inc. brand products backed by the reputation of ISO Beauty, Inc. in the form of a Lifetime Warranty that promises the quality and performance of each product that bears its brand names.


ISO Beauty, Inc. is vigilantly protecting its brands and its reputation, and is proactively seeking out unauthorized resellers to prevent the distribution and sale of counterfeit and/or lesser quality products under the ISO Beauty, Inc. brand names. ISO Beauty, Inc. will use all means within its power to protect its customers; including legal action, purchasing stocks of unauthorized products to remove them from the market and terminating relationships with those distributors and vendors who assist in the distribution of these products.