9-18mm Black Tattoo Tapered | Twister
9-18mm Black Tattoo Tapered | Twister
9-18mm Black Tattoo Tapered | Twister
9-18mm Black Tattoo Tapered | Twister
ISO Beauty

9-18mm Black Tattoo Tapered | Twister

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9-18MM | ⅓” - ¾” Springy, Spiral, Perm Curls

Achieve perfectly carve out tight, voluminous and bouncy curls or sweet, innocent twists with the ISO Beauty tapered twister. This thin and lightweight twister offers a 9-18mm (1/3 inch - 3/4 inch) unique press action tourmaline barrel that heats up to temperatures of 400 degrees F and styles in seconds while delivering negative ion technology to lock in endless shine in your delicate strands. A clipless wand design allows you to wrap hair easily, and release without the risk of singeing, snagging or crimping your locks.As a bonus, the 9-18mm twister includes a Heat-protective Glove and a Tangle-Free Swivel Cord that make it easy to style with.


  • 9-18MM / ⅓” - ¾” tourmaline ceramic barrel
  • On/off switch w/ LED Power indicator
  • Top Temp of 390 F
  • Ergonomic clip-less design for crease free curls
  • Unique press action to reduce frizz & static
  • Infrared & Negative Ion technology
  • Easy non-slip grip handle
  • 9ft Swivel cord w/hanging loop
  • Heat protective glove included
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Dual voltage: 110v-240v | 50-60Hz
  • Power: 45w (USA) | 25w (Canada)
  • CETL Approved
  • Draw Box 


    • Section Hair - Section off your hair. Divide hair into manageable sections and clip the upper layers on top of your head and out of the way. Starting with the lowest layer of hair, separate a lock of hair 1–2 inch (2.5–5 cm) wide 
    • Wrap & Hold - Hold the handle of the wand with one hand, hold the strand of the hair with the other hand, wrap the strand of hair from root to tip with the iron facing downward (and hold it there for 5 seconds, gently pull out the wand from between the curls. 
    • Run Your Fingers Through the Curls - If you prefer looser curls, run your fingers from the roots of your hair to the ends. Spread your fingers apart and use them like a comb. This will open up the curls and make them looser. 


      • 1x 9-18mm Twister
      • 1x Heat Protective Glove
      • Safety instructions w/ Warranty info pamphlet

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