Diamond HairLux Dryer Diffuser | Accessory
Diamond HairLux Dryer Diffuser | Accessory
Diamond HairLux Dryer Diffuser | Accessory
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Diamond HairLux Dryer Diffuser | Accessory

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Compatible with Diamond HairLux Dryer
Perfect for those with wavy or curly-hair. The HairLux Diffuser is used to enhance curls or waves while reducing the intensity of the air flow for reduced frizz and a gentler blow-out. The prongs on the diffuser can be used to lift the hair to help preserve the hair’s natural curl pattern and enhances hair body and volume as well as shorten drying time.  


  • Compatible with the Diamond HairLux Dryer  
  • Lifts and gently adds body and volume to hair  
  • Negative Ions decrease static and frizz  
  • Easy snap on/snap off  
  • Offers more styling options  
  • Light weight and easy to handle  
  • Can withstand high temperatures 
  • Suitable for all hair types   

How to Use

  • Began drying your hair at the roots using a circular motion, always moving in the same direction, and using a low heat/speed setting. 
  • Make sure to keep the dryer at an upward 90-degree angle from the scalp throughout the drying process as this will help lift the roots away from the scalp creating volume. 
  • Finish by drying the ends. Use the diffuser to scrunch the ends towards your roots. Hold for 10 seconds and repeat. 
  • Always leave your hair slightly damp and let it air dry. This allows your hair will retain some moisture and helps to keep curls intact and frizz free. 


  • For added volume dry your hair upside down so that the roots fall away from your scalp. 
  • First focus the air flow at your roots until dry. 
  • Then continue the process to the ends of your hair. 

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