Hair Brushes.... Are You Using The Right One?

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Choosing the right hairbrush and using it correctly can make all the difference in achieving your perfect hair look. There are so many different kinds of brushes on the market... but do you know which one to use for what? Are you using the brush that is right for you?


Here's a quick guide on the most popular and widely used hairbrushes:




Paddle brushes are flat with a wide surface area, making them great for straightening and smoothing your hair. For an effective sleek straightening job, use a paddle brush before flat ironing your hair or drying your hair for a smooth finish.




Round brushes are ideal for creating that volume and body in your hair. This is the brush you want to use when you are blow-drying your hair. Round brushes come in different sizes - choose a smaller barrel for shorter hair or to create tighter curls and choose a larger barrel for that ultimate straight yet volumizing blowout. Remember, the bigger the barrel, the straighter the look.




Speaking for itself, this brush is perfect for teasing your hair and creating texture to support your lovely updos. Bonus points for having a point-ended handle, which can be used for sectioning the hair perfectly.

 TIP: Try to avoid this brush if your hair is very fine or fragile. 




This is the best tool to use to brush wet hair. As you may know, wet hair is sometimes so hard to brush. Yet wet hair is most prone to breakage, which is why it is so important to gently comb your hair starting from the bottom and working your way up.




These are specifically designed to painlessly and easily remove tangles and knots in your hair. This brush minimizes breakage and damage during detangling. Most of them can be used on both wet and dry hair.




This is a specially-shaped comb which can be used to section the hair perfectly with precision or to create the perfect part. This comb can also be used for backcombing your hair.



Remember, finding products that are right for your hair type can make a world of a difference. Try these different kinds of brushes out and see how you can transform your hair by using different techniques with them!

What is your go-to hairbrush? Do you have any preferred faves? Please comment below to share with us :) We always love hearing from you.

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