White 2000w Diamond HairLux | Dryer
White 2000w Diamond HairLux | Dryer
White 2000w Diamond HairLux | Dryer
White 2000w Diamond HairLux | Dryer
White 2000w Diamond HairLux | Dryer
White 2000w Diamond HairLux | Dryer
White 2000w Diamond HairLux | Dryer
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White 2000w Diamond HairLux | Dryer

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The Diamond HairLux Dryer is an advanced styling instrument that trumps the competition. These dryers have Turbo velocity airflow for professional drying power and a comfortable, ergonomic design for easy handling. With 2 air flow speeds and 3 heat settings plus, a "cool shot" which allows your hair to dry faster, It uses negative ion technology to significantly reduce static and frizz by neutralizing positive ions found in damaged hair. Completely simple and easy to use within a short amount of time, your hair’s health and luster will actually improve giving you a variety of styles, perfect for whatever mood you're in. 


  • Light weight, attractive, sleek & quiet 
  • Shock resistant & slip proof Rigid grip handle 
  • Rounded barrel w/heat sensitive control system 
  • 2 Heat speeds and 2 heat settings provide variable styling solutions
  • Long life AC Motor
  • Quickly dries hair
  • Turbo Velocity Airflow 
  • Temperature up to 410°F (210°C) 
  • Cool Shot
  • 9 Ft Professional length cord w/hanging loop
  • Removable filter for easy cleaning
  • 2 Removable Air nozzle attachments
  • Voltage: 110v, 60Hz
  • Power: 2000W 
  • ALCI Plug 
  • Draw Box 
  • Spare parts available


    1. For optimal results shampoo & condition before drying.  
    2. Towel dry your hair so that it is damp. 
    3. Brush hair thoroughly getting rid of tangles and knots.  
    4. To protect your hair from any heat damage, apply a heat protector, we recommend our IONIX Heat Protector. 
    5. Separate your hair into sections so that you have less hair to work with at a time. 
    6. Blow dry each section starting from the roots and moving in a downwards motion by using a round barrel brush. To avoid burning your hair, make sure you simultaneously move the dryer in slight horizontal motions. 
    7. Wind hair gently around, or partially around the barrel brush. Whilst letting the hair glide over the brush, apply air from the dryer at the required temperature. 
    8. Repeat until hair is dry and desired style is achieved. 
    9. NOZZLE ATTACHMENT: The concentrator attachment is designed to dry the hair root, adding volume or spot curl the hair ends using attachment in the same manner.   


    • x1 Dryer 
    • x2 Air Concentrated Nozzles 
    • x1 Safety Instructions with Warranty Card

    ISO Tip

    For quick tough-ups between washings, dampen hair and use dryer as indicated above.

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