32MM w/ Cool Tip
32MM w/ Cool Tip
32MM w/ Cool Tip
32MM w/ Cool Tip
32MM w/ Cool Tip
32MM w/ Cool Tip
ISO Beauty

32MM w/ Cool Tip

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32MM | 1.25"
Large loose curls, waves

The 32mm twister is an easy to use styling tool that delivers red carpet, large glamorous curls in minutes and will last you for days without hair spray or any holding products. The unique press action twister, curls your hair in half the time of traditional clip irons. The clip-free design allows you to easily create smooth and shiny curls without tugging, creaking or creasing the hair. The tourmaline ceramic barrel maximizes the penetration of negative ions while avoiding damage to the hair. Your complimentary heat resistant Glove will protect your fingertips from heat while you style. The ISO Beauty twister has a durable, lightweight construction and you only need to simply wrap the hair around the rod barrel for smooth, sultry curls. 


  • 32MM Tourmaline Ceramic barrel w/ cool tip 
  • Power on/off switch 
  • Maximum Temp of 390F 
  • Unique press action technology 
  • Infrared technology
  • PTC Heater
  • Frizz & static control 
  • Ergonomic design for easy styling 
  • Swivel cord w/ hanging loop
  • Rapid heat up
  • Easy grip 
  • Heat protective glove 
  • Suitable for all hair types 
  • Dual voltage 110-240v 50/60Hz 
  • CETL approved

Suggested Hair Length: Long | Medium | Shoulder Length



  1. For the best results, make sure your hair is clean before curling.
  2. Brush your hair to eliminate any knots or tangles.
  3. Plug in your Twister, and put the Heat Resistant Glove on whichever hand will not be holding the Wand.
  4. Separate a small section of your hair (approximately 1" x 1" thick).
  5. Holding the Wand at a downwards angle, wrap the small section of hair around the wand. The roots of your hair should be near the base of the Wand.
  6. Hold the hair in place for approximately 10 seconds.
  7. Slip the Twister out of the curl (don't just unravel it). Hold in palm for about 5 seconds to cool and set curl. 
  8. Repeat with the remaining strands of hair.

Please Note: the size of the section you separate affects the size and crispness of the curl. Smaller sections will give you tighter curls, while larger sections will result in big, loose curls.



  • With the front pieces of hair curl them away from your face for better outcome. 
  • Use bigger sections to get a wave or bigger curls.
  • If you want to get more body & volume, after curling your hair, use a wide tooth comb and gently comb the curls, to give your hair more fullness & texture.


  • 1x 32mm twister 
  • 1x Heat protective glove 
  • Safety instructions with Warranty info pamphlet

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