Pink Full Set w/Mini Iron | Sets
Pink Full Set w/Mini Iron | Sets
Pink Full Set w/Mini Iron | Sets
Pink Full Set w/Mini Iron | Sets
ISO Beauty

Pink Full Set w/Mini Iron | Sets

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Smooth and style your hair to perfection and master any number of both straight and curly styles with the high-performance Full Set Mini from ISO Beauty. This complete set includes our 1.25″ Ceramic Flat Iron, a 25-18MM Tourmaline Clip-less Twister and 0.5″ Ceramic Mini Flat Iron. Each of these salon-quality tools offer Negative Ion Technology to help protect and seal each strand of your hair, while you style, locking in moisture, shine and endless styling possibilities. At home or on-the-go, this essential styling trio allows you to take your hair from flat or unmanageable hair to sleek and fabulous. 

** Safety Instructions with Warranty information pamphlet included.  

Flat Iron

Ceramic Hair Straightener 1.25" 
Our favorite 1.25″ flat iron has solid 100% ceramic plates for super quick and consistent straightening, reducing the appearance of dryness, frizz and heat styling damage. Your hair will have a glossy shine and feel smooth and sleek. The straightener for any type or texture of hair, this will tame your mane! 


  • 1.25” Ceramic Plates  
  • Ultra-Smooth 100% Ceramic Floating Plates 
  • On/Off Switch with LED Light Power Indicator  
  • Adjustable Temperature Control 
  • Far Infrared Technology 
  • Advanced Ionic Technology 
  • 8ft Long Swivel Cord with. Hanging Loop  
  • Easy Grip  
  • Rapid Heat Up to 450° F / 232° C 
  • Dual Voltage: 110-240 Volts 
  • Suitable For All Hair Types  


Before styling, ensure that hair is clean, completely dried and detangled. 

  1. Brush hair thoroughly ensuring no knots or tangles.  
  2. Beginning at ear line, part hair into 2″ sections. Starting as close to roots as safely possible, place hair between plates and slowly pull styler away from roots, allowing hair to glide through plates.  
  3. Repeat above steps for each 2″ section of hair. Using less hair is better and gliding styler slowly is recommended. 

TIP: For best results use with ISO Beauty's Easy Comb and finish with IONIX Diamond Drops Hair Serum with Argan Oil. 


25-18mm Tapered Twister 

Curl it up! See curls, waves and incredible body in your tresses with this professional twister. Our unique press action tourmaline heat technology can create curls almost immediately after turning on. Lush, natural curls can be yours easily with our ISO Beauty twister- so go wild!  


  • Suitable For All Hair Types 
  • 25-18mm Tourmaline Barrel 
  • On/Off Switch with LED Light Power Indicator  
  • PTC Advanced Ceramic Heater 
  • Cool Tip for Safety and Better Styling Control 
  • Far Infrared Technology 
  • Ergonomic, Non-Slip Grip 
  • 360° Swivel Cord For Ease Of Use 
  • Thermal Safety Glove Included 
  • Heats Up To 450° F / 232° C 
  • Dual Voltage: 110-240V 45 Watts (USA) / 25 Watts (Canada) 


25-18MM TWISTER: It Is Advised to Always Wear Included Thermal Glove To Avoid Burns When Using This Tool.  

  1. To turn on, plug into an electrical outlet and move power switch to upper position; LED light will illuminate 
  2. Beginning at ear line, part hair into 2″ sections. Wrap hair around barrel and hold on to the tip of the hair for around 5-10 seconds. Do not redo the same section over and over again; if you don’t get perfect results the first time, move on to another section and return to previous section later.  
  3. To turn off, move power switch to lower position. Never leave tool on and unattended. Always allow the device to cool down before storing. 


  • For curls closer to the root, after wrapping hair around barrel, roll the iron up. Use bigger sections of hair to get waves or bigger curls.  
  • For more body and volume, after curling, gently comb curls with a wide tooth comb to get more fullness and texture. 

Mini Flat Iron 

0.5" Mini Iron 

This mini hair straightener helps you see beautiful smooth hair, even on the fly or while traveling. Our unique flat iron gives easy and more comfortable styling. Super lightweight, but full featured with 100% ceramic plates which generate 6x more negative ions than regular irons. Perfect for any type or texture of hair, and ready to use in only 30 seconds! 


  • On/Off Switch  
  • LED Light Power Indicator  
  • Suitable for All Hair Types 
  • Ultra-Smooth Ceramic Plates 
  • Far Infrared Technology 
  • Compact Travel-Size Design; Ideal for Fringe and Bangs 
  • Heats Up To 392° F / 200° C 
  • Dual Voltage 


MINI FLAT IRON: Recommended for touch-ups, short hair, bangs and fringe.  

  1. To turn on, plug into an electrical outlet and move inner switch to ON position; LED will illuminate.  
  2. Place 1/2” section of hair between plates and clamp iron together so that plates touch. Glide styler slowly down entire length hair in a fluid, steady sweep from roots to ends.  
  3. Repeat as necessary. Continue with each 1/2” section of hair until all sections are completed.  
  4. For optimal results, finish with ISO's IONIX Diamond Drops Hair Serum with Argan Oil. 
  5. To turn off, move the inner switch to OFF position. Never leave flat iron on and unattended. Always allow the device to cool down before storing. 

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